Mission Statement

Welcome to “Rust Is Just Right”.  This is a music site that’s designed to provide an environment for all kinds of fans, from the ones that study every single page published by the music press to those who have barely any time to keep in contact with what’s happening in popular culture these days.  We’re all here because we all love music, and we all want to find more of it.

Our aim is not to just be another music criticism site, but to focus on what makes certain songs and albums great and worthy of your time.  That means going beyond handy crit-speak cliches, and getting to the root of “why you should listen to this new band right now.”  In other words, we are well aware of the limits of providing reviews that are a string of name-drops, and will make sure to provide commentary that is actually helpful.

We’ve also planned a couple of features that will look into the past with this same goal in mind.  “Feats of Strength” will analyze particular songs or videos, and point out certain parts that you may have missed on the first few listens, but are really the key to what makes a song great.  “TL;DR” will be a section for longer essays that ponder theories and trends, and hopefully provide some helpful history for those that are in search of new areas to explore.  “Covered” will be a recurring feature that looks at different covers and hopefully sparks a discussion on whether they are faithful or even surpass the original songs.  While that’s what we have planned for now, we’ll always welcome suggestions for other features in the future.

We hope you enjoy the site.  Feel free to give us feedback.  We know we won’t be perfect, but hopefully over time and with your help, we’ll get close.


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