This site was started out of both boredom and practicality.  I needed something to do with my free time, and I wanted to set up a place to talk about music without spamming my friends’ Facebook feeds.  For years I’ve been the guy that friends ask if they want to know about new music or if somebody was on tour.  In fact, on multiple occasions I’ve had friends who I haven’t seen for years mention how they appreciate learning about new bands from my updates on the various shows I attended.

If you want qualifications, I’ll provide a few, though it’s kind of rude of you to ask.  Of course, I’ve been listening to music for decades, but I’ve also been a musician ever since I started piano lessons at age five.  Soon I would pick up guitar, bass, saxophone, and other instruments.  So that’s my musical training.  In addition, I worked in radio during college.  However, unlike most college radio experiences, I worked for a station that relied on ads for its budget and not help from the college.  So during my time as DJ and later Music Director, I had to balance my indulgences with playing to a broad audience.  It worked out well enough that we ended up the #1 rock station my senior year while at the same time playing bands like The Thermals and TV On The Radio in regular rotation.

Beyond that, I simply just read a lot about music and listen to a lot of albums.  That’s probably all that matters in the end.


I have to say that choosing what is apparently a disputed lyric as the name of my website is especially fitting–to go through all the work of constructing a site from the ground-up, assuming that the line as I heard it was how it exists without bothering to check is exactly something that I would do.  I’ve seen alternate versions that go “rust it just right” and “rust sits just right”, but none fit as well as “rust is just right in the light–it’s gold.”  Of course, I think the previous line says it all: “People I can trick them into thinking anything.”


Note: All the photography on this site is my own work, unless otherwise noted.  So please give credit if you want to use any photo.  The header image is taken from a Refused show I attended at the Roseland on August 29, 2012.  That is Dennis Lyxzén crowdsurfing, for the record.


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