Catching Up On The Week (Feb. 21 Edition)

A few quick links you may have missed this week and worthy of your time this weekend

In preparation for our upcoming profile on Beck (and his new album coming out next week), you may want to read up on these retrospectives courtesy of BuzzFeed (really?) and Grantland.  Strangely enough, the BuzzFeed profile was a bit more satisfying, despite the assertion that Midnite Vultures is Beck’s masterpiece, a claim which is pitched as fact and not a matter of debate.  As for the Grantland piece, the premise that the “real” Beck is either one of two types (ironic funkster or serious folkie) doesn’t make much sense at all, but you know, deadlines mean you gotta come up with SOMETHING.

The A.V. Club had a couple of interesting bits of news.  I’m really excited to hear that Sharon Van Etten has announced that her new album is coming out soon with this teaser.  If you haven’t picked up her previous album Tramp, do so pretty much immediately.  In addition, we have news of another “supergroup” forming–and since Dave Grohl and Jello Biafra are both involved, the label is definitely necessary.

Pitchfork will be posting a documentary on the Brooklyn venue 285 Kent, and one of their teasers is this video of a live performance by Deafheaven at the club.  We’ll be discussing their album Sunbather in-depth in the future, and when we do our Top Albums of 2013 in April, it will definitely make an appearance.  There’s a good reason a lot of outlets have done thinkpieces on the album.

Also, remember Korn?  If you don’t, I envy you.  In case you were wondering, Jonathan Davis has decided to go in a political direction, and his views have all the subtlety and intellect that you would expect.

And finally, when it’s time to settle into a relaxing weekend, it’s a good idea to listen to some Real Estate. If you’re bored with your relaxing weekend, it’s a good idea to learn to play some Real Estate.  The band is providing the lesson with their newest video, which displays an overlay of the guitar tablature to the song.


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