Submissions Roundup!

We here at Rust Is Just Right occasionally receive emails from various artists and bands asking us to check out their new album.  Now, we don’t have an official submissions policy for the site, so we end up overlooking these requests for months on end and letting them accumulate.  However, we sincerely appreciate the effort that these people made in finding our site, tracking down our contact info, and personally sending us these requests.  And to show our appreciation, we actually spent this weekend listening to each and every album that was sent to us.

Now, we wish that we could go ahead and write up a recommendation for these artists and provide them a full review, but unfortunately nothing really caught our attention.  But as a token of our gratitude, we decided to provide the public links to each album so that our tiny audience can decide for themselves whether or not we made the right call.  We hope you appreciate it.

Oh, and give whoever found our site a raise–that must have been quite the task.

Clark – Clark

This one surprised us, since a couple of weeks after we received an email we saw that Pitchfork gave it a Best New Music, so we’re dealing with some big time people here.  It takes a lot for electronic music to sway us, so it’s rare that we end up recommending anything in the genre, but that’s our problem and not Clark’s.  Clearly he’s got some skills, and I’m sure now that he’s armed with a bevy of enthusiastic reviews, what little bounce he would’ve gotten from us was surely accounted for already.

Believers – Remedies

A Bandcamp stream from these psychedelic popsters for you to enjoy.

The Ropes – Sadness is the Rich Man’s Drug [EP]

Soundcloud stream from the icy indie rockers.

Battlehooch – Wink [EP]

They provided a Soundcloud stream of their EP, though it was marked private.  However, here’s their official lyric video for one of the songs from Wink, which has a nice Washed Out/Tame Impala vibe.

Blisses B – Sea Level Astronomy

Soundcloud stream.

Nanaki – The Dying Light

Bandcamp stream from the post-rock artist.  Plus, a video!


And finally, proving that we’re truly on top of things, a cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with an island feel.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup, and just because we didn’t give effusive praise this time around, don’t let that stop you from heading over to our contacts page (under the “About” tab) and sending us an email.  Though you should probably be discouraged by the long turnaround time.


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