Review: White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again

Summer still has a few weeks remaining, so there is plenty of time for you to enjoy the debut album from White Reaper in its proper setting.  White Reaper Does It Again is energetic, carefree garage rock delivered at a breakneck pace, which makes it perfect for blasting at full volume with the windows rolled down/pulled up/smashed open.  The music is unlikely to leave any lasting impact on the listener, but sometimes life is about the journey and not the destination, ya know, and why not make that journey as packed with adrenaline as possible?

White Reaper offers a simpler and more streamlined version of the garage rock that is currently enjoying its moment once again.  The guitars pound out simple riffs and chord changes, taking a backseat to the thunderous drums of Nick Wilkerson on most tracks who pushes the tempo and thrills with rollicking fills.  Tony Esposito’s vocals are processed to hell and back in a way that recalls Jay Reatard, and his melodies are often similarly pop-influenced.  White Reaper distinguish themselves from their brethren with the often over-the-top use of keyboards, but Ryan Hater’s contributions help add some much needed color to a formula that has the danger of otherwise feeling flat.

White Reaper Does It Again is an album whose sole focus is making sure the listener is having as much fun as can be packed into a half hour.  There is a disposable nature to the music, but even if its significance is merely ephemeral, there is still something to be said for enjoying the moment.  Just crank it up, bop your head, and revel in the folly/glory of youth.


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