Over the Weekend (Mar. 24 Edition)

We’ve got a lot of new music to news that you need to be familiar with, or you’ll be completely lost at the water cooler this week.  And nobody wants to endure that potential fate, so we’re here with the links.

Probably the biggest news of the week first broke on Friday, when The Black Keys employed some unusual means of announcing to the world that they’re about to release a new album.  The initial tweet came courtesy of Mike Tyson, but the bizarre video that accompanies the tweet did not include him (unless that is one fantastic makeup job).  The Black Keys then held up their end of the deal, releasing the track “Fever” today, in advance of the May 13 release of Turn Blue.  The single sees The Black Keys further evolving their sound, away from their ragged blues to a more dirty funk/soul sound that was found on the album tracks of Brothers and El Camino.  Old school fans may be alarmed at first, but I hope they succumb to the groove.

The other big news today was the long-awaited announcement that the Pixies are finally releasing a new album.  Pitchfork has a lot of the details of the upcoming release of Indie Cindy, but a lot of the songs should be familiar to Pixies fans, since it includes the songs from their recent EPs (with EP-3 being released today).  There are a lot of special editions of the album coming out, including a double-disc edition which features a hardcover book and a compilation of live tracks from their recent US tour (with bassist Paz Lenchantin).

We’ve mentioned our previous love of Cults before on this site, so it’s no surprise we’re going to put you in the direction of this video interview that the band did with Salon.  It’s great to get a little insight into their development as a group over the last few years, thanks to a few good questions.

In some sad news, it was announced that the man known as Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, was found dead in his home this past weekend.  To help ease the sting of the news, be sure to watch the video from the AV Club link of the band’s cover of “Carry On, Wayward Son”, and check out the other GWAR videos on the site for good measure.

Finally, we don’t want to end on a bum note, so here’s a video of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performing on their recent “living room tour” at their stop in Portland.  No, I wasn’t one of the lucky few that got a chance to see it, but it looks like I missed out on something pretty special.  Here’s a performance of “Underwater (You and Me)” from the criminally underrated Some Loud Thunder.


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