Our First Birthday

Today marks the first “birthday” of Rust Is Just Right, as it was one year ago today that we launched with our “Mission Statement” and an article welcoming the return of Slowdive.   Since then, we’ve published by our count 262 other posts, with a couple that were actually kind of good.  Over the past year, we’ve slowly built up our audience, and we appreciate all of our readers who’ve made it a habit to check in on us from time to time.

Amazingly, we have not run out of things to write about, but we are more than willing to listen to suggestions on future topics and posts.  Feel free not only to contact us using the various formats provided by the “Contacts” tab, but also to comment in the posts themselves.  We love reading your feedback, and appreciate the time you take to respond to our writing.

As for the future, we’re contemplating a potential redesign of the site, but purely for aesthetic purposes–we plan on continuing to follow the editorial format that we set out in our Mission Statement, and doing our part to help share our love of music.  Now, let’s hear from The Ramones, who’ve dropped in with a message for this occasion:


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